Easter Appeal: Aid for Christians Suffering Violence and Injustice

15 March 2024

War and conflict. Fear and pain. Death and destruction. Corruption and injustice.

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed by events across our world. People are predicting a Third World War; some say it has already started. Add to that the starving millions in Ethiopia and other drought-stricken countries, the looming global medical disaster as antibiotics begin to fail, and the island nations gradually disappearing as the sea rises. Add to all those the persecution of faithful Christians in a world of intolerance and hatred.

Whether or not we have personal troubles to bear, the troubles of the world are crushing us all. We are all grieving and mourning. Let us, then, grasp hold of Jesus’s promise to provide for those who grieve:

a crown of beauty instead of ashes,
the oil of joy instead of mourning,
and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.

- Isaiah 61:3


Our Lord Jesus, who conquered death itself when He rose from the grave on the first Easter Sunday, delights to heal and restore, to cleanse and renew.

Ashes were a traditional sign of mourning, including mourning for one’s own sins (Job 42:6). That is why, in some church traditions, a period of preparation before Easter begins with “Ash Wednesday”. But our risen Lord will gently brush away the ashes from our heads, anoint our heads with joy, and place on each one of us a beautiful crown. He will take away the despair that is weighing so heavily on us, and clothe us with praise. 

Santal Christian women in Bangladesh. Behind them are some of the new brick homes which Barnabas Aid built for them after their old wooden homes were deliberately burnt to the ground

Santal Christian women in Bangladesh. Behind them are some of the new brick homes which Barnabas Aid built for them after their old wooden homes were deliberately burnt to the ground

Christians suffering violence and injustice

With your support, we have the privilege and joy of bringing practical help to our Christian brothers and sisters suffering violence and injustice.

For Christians in Nigeria, ashes are more than symbols of sorrow. They are literal reality. Thousands have seen their homes, possessions and crops turned to ashes when extremists set them on fire. We cannot give them a crown of beauty but we can give them roofing sheets to help them rebuild.

Many of them are mourning for loved ones killed in these attacks. Only the Lord can anoint them with the oil of joy, but we can give them sacks of grain and bottles of cooking oil so they do not go hungry. 

Only the Lord can replace their despair with a garment of praise, but we can provide blankets to give warmth at night.

Nigerian Christians carrying roofing sheets funded by Barnabas Aid, to help them rebuild homes in safer locations after fleeing anti-Christian attacks

Roofing sheets from Barnabas Aid for Christians in Nigeria whose homes were burnt

As Easter approaches, will you help Christian victims of violence?

Nigeria is just one of many countries where Barnabas Aid is helping Christian victims of violence.

Before Easter came Good Friday, when Jesus endured terrible injustice and violence. Please consider whether you could make an Easter gift to our Victims of Violence Fund, to provide aid for our suffering brothers and sisters.

$30 could provide two weeks of food for a Pakistani Christian family still suffering after the anti-Christian riots in Jaranwala last year, including flour, rice, cooking oil, chickpeas, lentils, tea, chilli, spices and more

$70 could pay for one day’s training in trauma healing for a Christian counsellor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where Christians are enduring repeated violent attacks

$174 could provide a women’s bathroom, shared by the women and girls of 10 families, in a project to build one-room brick houses for Santal Christians in Bangladesh, whose old wooden homes were deliberately burnt down

$420 could provide a corn-grinding machine for a Nigerian Christian widow whose husband died in anti-Christian violence. This will enable the widows to earn a livelihood and support their children