Help Tonga's Christians

28 January 2022

Thursday’s 6.2 magnitude earthquake was the third natural disaster to afflict Tonga in less than two weeks. This followed a tsunami triggered by the underground volcano eruption on 15 January, an eruption which covered the island nation in ash, polluting its water bodies and ruining its crops. More than 80% of Tonga’s inhabitants have been affected.

Your gift to Barnabas Fund will be channelled through our Christian partners to Tongan Christians. The first stage is emergency relief including bottled water, water filters, rice, noodles, flour, tinned meat, powdered milk and more food items, as well as equipment for cleaning and repairing the damage.

Next will be longer-term water supply solutions, plus food and garden supplies to last until new crops can be harvested from the ash-contaminated soil.

They will also be providing seedlings to re-plant the crops that were destroyed.

Please give today.

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