Save Afghan Christians facing hunger and peril in Afghanistan

17 December 2021

“They are just asking the Lord to save them!” said an Afghan Christian to Barnabas Fund this week. From outside his homeland, he was describing Afghan believers still trapped inside, in mortal danger from the Taliban. They are constantly moving around within Afghanistan, from one house to another, fearing that even their relatives might betray them to the Taliban. They come together secretly to worship, pray and study the Bible.

For protection they can only turn to the Lord. As for their practical needs – you can help them.

“Beyond horrific”

Conflict, drought, pandemic and the removal of Western aid have brought Afghanistan to a situation that has been called “beyond horrific”. Sub-zero winter temperatures are now adding to the suffering.

Imagine the problems for Christians who endure all this and also have to keep uprooting themselves and moving to a different place, making it next to impossible for them to earn a living.

Will you be God’s channel to bring aid to the invisible Christians of Afghanistan? They need food, rent, and wood or kerosene for heating.

Prices and exchange rates are changing all the time, but a gift of £34 ($43; €38) could meet a hidden Christian family’s basic needs for one week.

Above all, please pray for them.

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