Ukraine: Your help still urgently needed

18 March 2022

Thank you for your caring and generous response to our appeal on behalf of Christians from Ukraine. But this urgent need has not subsided.
Nearly three million people have fled Ukraine since 24 February – around twice the entire population of Adelaide.
Most – including many thousands of our brothers and sisters – are seeking what refuge they can in neighbouring countries such as Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Moldova.
In Ukraine itself there is the desperate need to reach the suffering population of cities under siege with food and supplies.

A grandmother reads God's Word to her granddaughter in a refugee centre in Romania. They are just two of our Christian brothers and sisters forced to flee the violence in Ukraine

Food, nappies and warmth
Food remains one of the greatest needs, both for those in Ukraine and refugees in neighbouring countries. Our project partners also report that parents are running short of nappies for babies and toddlers.
In the biting winter, warmth is essential. Church halls and other buildings, now home to refugees, need to be heated – our partners in the region have told us of their soaring fuel bills.

Unloading in northern Romania. Praise God for the safe arrival of the first lorry of goods from Barnabas UK’s warehouse

Thank you for your prayers
We are humbled and deeply grateful to our supporters, that, by the grace of God, the first truck from Barnabas UK’s warehouse arrived near the Romanian border with Ukraine on Wednesday (16 March), and the food, clothes and blankets it contained are being distributed in Ukraine and in Romania for those who have fled there from Ukraine.
We appreciate and value your prayers, without which this would not have been possible. Please continue to intercede for our suffering Christian family in the days and weeks ahead. Pray also for further lorry deliveries from the UK to Romania which Barnabas UK hopes to send weekly.
Please give now
Your donation today can provide much-needed food, nappies and funds for heating bills. Please give as the Lord leads you.

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