At least 50 more Christians die in militia-style Fulani attack on two Nigerian villages

3 July 2018

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At least 50 Christians died when the villages of Razat and Ganaropp, in Nigeria’s Plateau State, were attacked on 26 June by an armed ethnic Fulani Muslim militia.

The gunfire first rang out around 2 p.m. in Razat. The attackers, who were dressed in black, then moved on to the nearby village of Ganaropp by 5 p.m., where they joined forces with other Muslim groups.

Some of the people killed had taken refuge inside a local church. The pastor was stained with the blood of a wounded woman he was helping. The woman later died of her injuries.

At least 50 Christians were killed in attacks on Razat and Ganaropp
Image source: Abumavictor

Following the attack there was widespread looting, with many houses and shops set on fire. Reportedly Nigerian army intervention, which is unusual during Fulani attacks, overpowered the invaders and brought the situation under control by 9.30 p.m.

The CAPRO School of Missions in Ganaropp was not targeted in the attack, although the house of some CAPRO staff was shot at. The family inside was unharmed, but their dog was shot dead.

The Christian villagers who remain have been thanking God that they have been spared, as they bury their dead, and praying that almighty God will make “bare His holy arm” and help their stricken land of Nigeria.

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