Barnabas funds vital refurbishment of Indian Christian hospital

22 February 2023

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Barnabas has helped carry out much-needed modernisation of the aging facilities at Lakhnadon Christian Hospital in Madhya Pradesh, India.

The renovation work will allow the hospital to continue its vital work meeting the health needs of the local population.

“We praise God for the work He is doing and establishing in Lakhnadon once again after years of very slow paced work,” said a hospital spokesman.

Barnabas has funded critical safety work at Lakhnadon Christian Hospital

A priority was to overhaul the hospital’s firefighting systems and equipment. The urgency for such a project was highlighted after eight people died in a blaze at a private hospital, also in Madhya Pradesh, in August 2022.

Because short circuits are a common cause of the outbreak of fire, the work included overhauling the hospital’s electrical wiring.

Barnabas also funded the replacing of two old generators with a new 62.5KVA generator that can provide sufficient uninterrupted power to supply the hospital, its expanded operation theatre, laboratory and X-ray facilities and staff quarters.

A new borewell will ensure there is enough water to meet the hospital’s growing needs.

A shortage of doctors forced Lakhnadon Hospital to close in 2019. It reopened in January 2022 following the recruitment of a new medical team. Since then the hospital has seen a steady increase in outpatient numbers, from 244 in February to 1,017 in August.

The hospital, which was founded by missionaries from Scotland in the 1920s, has 12 in-patient and four high-dependency beds. It is a surgical centre and offers obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatrics services as well as dental and medical emergency care.

Health staff focus on social welfare activities and community health education programmes as part of their vision to empower underprivileged sections of the community.

Praise God for the renovation of facilities at Lakhnadon Christian Hospital. Ask that management and clinicians will know Divine wisdom in maximising resources for His glory. Pray that the hospital continues to play a vital role in the community in preserving and improving the health of those in need.

Project reference: PR1597 (Hospitals and Clinics in India)

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