Editorial: “God has answered my prayers”

25 January 2023

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“God has answered my prayers.” This was the declaration of a young Cameroonian woman, one of 100 displaced Christians given 50 Barnabas-funded sewing machines to share in pairs to make a living and support their families.

“I bless God for this,” said another. “I am the most blessed of the girls of my generation.”

The women were among many Christians forced to flee their homes in Cameroon’s Far North by Boko Haram violence. Barnabas has been able to help nearly 8,000 of these displaced believers

The 100 women who received sewing machines were among 1,327 Christian families (7,962 people) who received Barnabas-funded food and hygiene items 

It is deeply humbling to hear of our sisters’ gratitude. Few of us can imagine the hardship and trauma of being forced to run for our lives by terrorists.

Yet the relatively small gift of a shared sewing machine has led these women to give heartfelt thanks to God, despite the suffering that they have endured.

We should also be encouraged by this reminder of what can be achieved in the lives of our suffering brothers and sisters.

For our brothers and sisters in Cameroon – and the many hundreds of thousands of believers who have been helped through Barnabas – your donations have provided life-changing practical support and spiritual nourishment.

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