Editorial: More than 30 million children suffering “acute malnutrition”

18 January 2023

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More then 30 million children worldwide are suffering from “acute malnutrition” as the global food crisis persists into 2023.

That’s according to international experts, who estimate that between them the 15 worst-affected countries are by themselves home to 30 million acutely malnourished boys and girls.

Many other countries are also affected by the ongoing crisis.

A malnourished boy in Kenya, one of the 15 countries suffering most acutely from the global food crisis

The 15 countries enduring the worst of the crisis are Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Yemen.

In 2022 the key driver of food insecurity was massive inflation, which put even staple food such as bread beyond the financial reach of many.

In 2023 there are likely to be increased shortages of food, owing to a global fertiliser shortage.

Natural disasters also have a terrible impact. Seven of the worst-affected countries are East African nations (plus an eighth, Yemen, which lies just across a narrow strait from the Horn of Africa) that have suffered several years of failed rainy seasons and droughts.

Various conflicts will also play a role in disrupting planting and harvesting, while inflation has yet to be brought under control.

Many of these suffering children – and other millions afflicted with malnutrition and chronic hunger – belong to our Christian family, to whom we owe a particular duty of care (Galatians 6:10).

For this reason, Barnabas created food.gives – to supply food aid to needy Christians in many lands and meet this desperate, ongoing need.

To find out how you can support our work and help to provide food for hungry Christians around the world, please visit http://food.gives .   

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