Saving Forgotten Lives – Barnabas Fund feeds more than 500,000 Christians

19 May 2020

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Barnabas is helping 6,000 families with urgent food aid in flood and locust-affected north-east Uganda

Our poor and persecuted brothers and sisters are in desperate situations due to Covid-19 (coronavirus) lockdowns. Barnabas Fund, through the generosity of our supporters, has stepped in to provide life-saving aid for Christians in 29 countries over the last two months.

More than 500,000 Christians fed!

“We are passing through a most difficult time. Barnabas Fund is the first organisation to help us. It’s really a God given blessing for us. Thank you.”

A pastor in Sri Lanka shared this comment with us after Barnabas Fund supported his congregation, adversely affected by the lockdown, with emergency food aid. Like many Christians, they are low-paid daily-wage earners and lost their income immediately when lockdown came. We have provided food aid to more than 300,000 Christians affected by lockdown hardship.

Many of our brothers and sisters were already facing food insecurity due to swarms of locusts destroying their crops, when coronavirus struck. Now they are facing a second-wave of the insects. We have provided food aid to support more than 200,000 locust-affected Christians through our Project Joseph.

Many Christians live in crowded conditions where it is impossible to keep the recommended safe distance to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection. Others struggle to access soap and basic handwashing facilities. Barnabas has provided hygiene products for more than 21,000 Christians.

Christians under lockdown can no longer gather for worship, which means that many pastors are suddenly destitute because the Sunday offerings they relied on for income are no longer being made. Barnabas has provided support to 6,769 struggling pastors.

Thank you to all our supporters for making possible all that we have accomplished, by the grace of God. We are deeply grateful for your ongoing generosity and, with your faithful support of Barnabas Fund, we will continue to serve our poor and persecuted brothers and sisters, wherever they may be.

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