Scottish government promises not to reuse anti-Christian “Bigots” poster after MSPs speak out

12 February 2019

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Gordon Lindhurst, MSP for Lothian, received a formal letter in January from Aileen Campbell, Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government, stating that the government would not be reusing controversial posters which contained messages implying that Christian belief amounted to “hate”.

In December 2018, Barnabas Fund met at Holyrood with a number of Members of the Scottish Parliament whose constituents had raised concerns about the posters.

The series of posters, intended to tackle “hate crime”, were displayed in all Scottish cities in October 2018 and carried the logos of Police Scotland and the Scottish Government. One poster read:

“Dear Bigots, You can’t spread your religious hate here. End of Sermon. Yours, Scotland.”


Barnabas Fund made a formal complaint about the posters to Police Scotland last October. Police Scotland investigated themselves and belatedly responded in December, concluding that there was no case to answer and no further action would be taken.

Barnabas Fund is awaiting the outcome of a further complaint we have since made to Police Scotland on the handling of our original complaint.

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