Twenty-five Christians in Plateau State, Nigeria killed in attacks by Islamist extremists

25 April 2024

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Twenty-five Christians were killed and more than 3,000 displaced during attacks by Fulani Islamist extremists on four communities in Nigeria’s Plateau State between 12 and 19 April. Please pray for comfort for the bereaved, healing for the injured and that the needs of the displaced will be met.

These most recent attacks took place in Bokkos Local Government Area (LGA) and Mangu LGA

More than 50 armed terrorists descended at night on the villages of Mandung-Mushu and Kopnanle in Bokkos Local Government Area (LGA) on 12 April, targeting the unarmed residents as they slept. Twelve people were killed in the assault when the terrorists “set fire to homes and a place of worship, mercilessly gunning down fleeing civilians”, said barrister Farmasum Fuddang, chairman of Bokkos Cultural Development Council.

Another 12 Christians were killed on 19 April during an attack in Pushit, Mangu LGA. On the same night a student of Plateau State University in Bokkos was killed when Fulani Islamists attacked Chikam community.

Many sustained injuries and are being treated in medical facilities in Mangu. Community leaders in the affected villages estimate that the total death toll may reach as high as 30.

Fulani Islamists have attacked the Christian community in Nigeria before. For example, they were responsible for the deaths of more than 295 Christians during a wave of attacks spanning 23 December, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day 2023, in Plateau State. They also carried out an attack at Easter 2024, when they killed 10 Christians in the Middle Belt, including a pregnant woman and her unborn baby.

Lift up to the Lord our persecuted brothers and sisters in Nigeria, so that they stay strong in their faith and continue to feel God’s love and protection in these times of fear and uncertainty.

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