Ethiopia Coronavirus (COVID-19) 18 April 2020 – an update from Barnabas Coronavirus Emergency Network

From a school of theology

“The first cases of COVID-19 were discovered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with two Japanese infectants on March 13, 2020. Since then, the cases, with some fatalities, have been increasing from day-to-day. The Ethiopian Government, led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, has taken various preventive measures to deter the proliferation of Coronavirus into the cities and villages. The dire concern is, in a country like Ethiopia, where physical proximity, handshaking, living and eating together are considered as societal values on the one hand and inevitable due to scarcity of resources on the other, if the Covid-19 infiltrates into the communities, the consequence will be devastating.

“Soon after the discovery of first cases, the government has ordered the closure or suspension of schools, colleges and universities at all levels, public and private offices, and restriction on movements, social gatherings, and business dealings, etc. State of Emergency approved by the Ethiopian Parliament on April 08, 2020 – that lasts for the coming five months – has emerged with myriad restrictions that expand or legally tighten already existing rules.