Turkmenistan Coronavirus (COVID-19) 20 April 2020 – an update from Barnabas Coronavirus Emergency Network

From a pastor

“In terms of harvest and crops, the situation is bad, because they did not have time to plant as it should, and even without this for several years it has been bad with the crop.

“The food situation is this: food can be bought, but not all families can afford it because of skyrocketing prices.

“We do not see that the government is doing anything in terms of countering the virus, except that we were given a strict order for the celebration of Easter, so that we disinfect and all wear masks.

“It affects the poorest Christians economically, because the most important task for them is to feed the family. However, we are very grateful to God for what we have today, because there are countries where the situation is much worse.

“I think that this crisis has prompted many believers to cope with spiritual problems, such as fears. Due to the uncertain future, many people experienced fear, which even without this attacked many believers. Of course, there are cases when the brothers fell into despair in the face of the situation with the virus, but we do not stop encouraging and supporting each other. “The threats that the Church had before the virus came in were no worse than the virus. The church in our country also remains under the strict control of the authorities.

“The church continues to provide assistance to poor members with grocery packages whenever possible. We continue social work with the homeless and the poor, serving them with the WORD and deed.

“The Lord refreshed us with a reminder through Psalm 90. He also regularly encourages His Church by always sending His Word through His children, so that they can hold on to the Lord with a sincere heart and not give place to fear.

“We also organized prayer service twice a day for our country and the whole world for protection and healing.”