Uganda Coronavirus (COVID-19) 1 April 2020

From a pastor

“ … two days ago, any means of transport was stopped except ambulances and motorcycles carrying food to deliver to people only. When you have a sick or a lady in labour, you have to ring the District Commissioner for the ambulance to be sent to you. Preaching and church services are conducted in e.g. bishop's home and put on TV or radio. The police are very strict and are beating anybody they meet. Everybody must be in his/her house by 7 pm. I am personally tied up in a far district from where my family is. My home district (NAME WITHHELD), is one of the dangerous places as there were cases, now quarantined, who came from Dubai with the virus. Even those quarantined were taken when they had already mixed up with their relatives and friends. We expect very bad results after the 14 days from now. Many people don’t have what to eat in their houses and others want to sneak out quietly. The situation is very difficult.”