Immigrants in the back of a truck

Help us save lives in the Middle East

Sign our petition to save the lives of Syrian and Iraqi Christians facing “an existential threat”.

We respectfully call the Australian Government to increase humanitarian visas to allow more persecuted Christians from Iraq and Syria to resettle in Australia. UNHCR estimates that there are more than 50 million refugees and displaced people worldwide. Australia’s capped annual quota of 13,750 for refugees and others with humanitarian settlement  priorities will further marginalise the displaced vulnerable minorities from the Middle East. It is clear that conditions in countries such as Syria and Iraq will continue to see people fleeing from violent persecution against vulnerable Christians.

Why these Church leaders are signing the petition

Philip Freier

“In August 2014 I wrote to the Prime Minister and the Immigration Minister urging them to respond quickly and generously to the plight of Christians and other minorities facing genocide or forced conversion in Iraq and Syria. Our response as Australians has been more muted and limited than I hoped it would be. I am glad that there is this opportunity for many more of us to take a stand. Let’s hope and pray that our leaders respond to this compassionate cry from the heart of ordinary Australians.”

The Most Reverend Philip Freier,
Primate of the Anglican Church of
Australia Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

“On behalf of Australian Presbytarians I plead with the Australian Government to grant Middle Eastern Christians, currently the target of Islamist persecution, including killings, visas to come and settle in Australia.”

Rev David Palmer from the
Presbyterian Church in Victoria

Will you sign the Petition today?

Syrian and Iraqi Christians are now urgently fleeing the killing fields of Islamic State territory. We call upon our political leaders to welcome them and aid their escape from terror, torture and killing.

Immigrants in the back of a truck

Christian communities have lived in the Middle East for 2000 years. They now face an existential threat to their survival at least as great as they faced a century ago when millions were systematically wiped out in the Armenian and Assyrian genocides. They are being killed, enslaved and persecuted by so-called Islamic State and are forced to flee from their homes. Their homes are being destroyed and they have no safe areas in the region.

The oppression and persecution of Christians, simply for their faith, is leading many Christians to conclude that they have no choice but to leave. In 2003, there were 1.56 million Christians in Iraq and now there are only 300,000. At the beginning of the current conflict the number of Syrian Christians was around two million. By last August approximately half a million had fled their homes.

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