Tajikistan Coronavirus (COVID-19) 31 March 2020

From a pastor and director of a Bible college

“The food situation in Tajikistan is under control. But there was a sharp jump in prices about two weeks ago. There are products in shops, but prices have started to rise due to the situation in the world with coronavirus. The increase in prices has been affecting the poor. Many simply began to eat less, in order to save money. This increase negatively affects the majority of Christians.

“All hospitals in the country are under quarantine. Patients of moderate and light severity who were treated in hospital were released to their homes. This was done in order to prepare a place for patients with coronavirus. Sanitary services disinfect public transport every day. About a month ago there was an order to close all mosques. Mosques were closed for a week. But a week later they were allowed to be opened again. The government also advised churches not to gather, but because there are far less people in churches than in mosques, they were allowed to gather, but only after disinfection and precautionary measures…

“There is a threat to close the church as soon as there are officially confirmed cases of the disease in our country.

“Second, there is a life threat to those who would fall ill, as there is not enough artificial lung ventilation devices in our country. In case of an epidemic, there won't be enough for everyone requiring. Since many poor people (and Christians, too) have a very poor food ration, the immune system is weak. With a weak immune system, it is very difficult for the body to survive in the fight against the virus.

“Nursing homes have been quarantined. Previously, Christians used to visit all nursing homes weekly to preach, but now this is no longer possible because of the quarantine.

“If the churches are quarantined and it becomes impossible to gather, there is an opportunity to hold online services. But unfortunately, this option is only available in major cities and still not everyone has it, because not everyone has the Internet. In small towns and villages, the situation with the Internet is much worse. It means that Christians will not be able to have sufficient communication with each other.

God controls the whole situation. He loves people and does everything for our good. My opinion is that Christians in this situation should SHINE more and brighter in this world to give people hope for salvation and show that this hope is only with the Lord Jesus.”