Desperate Armenian Christians Need Your Help

January 22, 2021

Armenian Christian children and women refugees, having fled fighting, continue to live in terrible conditions, enduring sub-zero temperatures with almost no warm clothes and very little food. Local Armenians, already desperately poor, do what they can to help, but they need YOUR aid.

Six Months of Freezing Temperatures

Freezing temperatures as low as -27°F are common in Armenia during the months of November to May, where temperatures rarely go above 32°F. Armenia is a desperately poor country, where Christians already coping with poverty have to struggle with intense cold during the brutal winter months. This is made worse by the fact that many Armenian Christians lost their homes in the 1988 earthquake, and since then have only lived in very basic temporary accommodation that gives very little protection from the bitter winter cold.

Desperate Armenian families need food and warm clothes to protect their children from the bitter Armenian winter.

This winter, thousands of Armenian Christians, especially women, children and the elderly, have fled from Nagorno-Karabakh after they came under attack from Muslim forces from neighboring Azerbaijan on September 27, 2020. Armenia is struggling to cope with the influx of these new arrivals. Some have moved into camps; others are being hosted in the homes of Armenian people. The struggle for warmth will only get harder. It will cost about $90 per household to keep a penniless Armenian Christian family warm this winter. Can you help?

Food Desperately Needed

Armenia is poverty-ridden already; so who will provide food for these refugees who have lost everything? Armenian Christians are willing and standing by to deliver food, but they need YOUR help to provide it. A total of $60 could provide food for one family.

Covid-19 Is Rampant

Armenia has not been spared from Covid-19. Wounded people from the conflict have taken priority in hospitals over Covid patients, who have been sent home to be cared for. Barnabas Aid has been asked to provide oxygen concentrators to help very sick Covid-19 patient being nursed at home. For $600, one oxygen concentrator could be purchased.

Armenia’s Suffering History

Over 1.5 million Armenian Christians died in the prolonged Armenian Genocide of a century ago. They died because they were Christians and refused to convert to Islam. Now they are suffering once again as they have fled the Azerbaijani takeover of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Please help TODAY!

Please give now to provide food, fuel and oxygen concentrators.

$60 could provide food for one family

$90 per household can keep a penniless Armenian Christian family warm this winter

$600 could purchase one oxygen concentrator

Show the warmth of your love for fellow Christians in Armenia during their time of need.