Food and Medical Aid for Christians in Lebanon

November 17, 2023

“For Christians to continue their life in [Aysheye] is not easy,” says Keserwani, a church leader from the village of Aysheye in southern Lebanon, where Christians have been present for 300 years. “Our life is a daily struggle to survive!” he continued.

“My daughter lives on one kidney, and she needs medication and injections to survive… I have no money” said Yousef, a Christian driver. “We have no electricity, no gas, and we even have to buy water!”

Elias, a Christian nurse in Lebanon told us, “Without this food parcel, I have a problem buying these food items for my family… I am a poor Christian who has no idea what the future is holding for me and my family.”

These messages from Christians from all walks of life in Lebanon, passed onto Barnabas by our project partner, speak for themselves.

Yousef has had to move to the mountains where it is cheaper to live in Lebanon. “The food parcel is an expression of Barnabas’ love and generosity. Please don’t stop!”

The situation is getting worse for thousands of Christians in Lebanon. The region continues to destabilise due to the ongoing hostilities in the Middle East. Many are fleeing the southern areas, adding to the masses of refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) already in the country.

And adding to all of this – inflation continues to be a factor, making even basic supplies and utilities inaccessible to those who already struggle. Food, medicine, fuel, bills, rent, bus fares for the kids to go to school … every day might be a choice of what to do without.

Elias – a Christian in Lebanon – relies on food parcels so he can pay for his medicine. “Thank you for the food parcels. I need medicine. Please help me so I survive and my family in dignity.”

Can you provide hope and give a gift to sustain Christians in Lebanon?

Amidst this spiralling situation, Barnabas has been working continuously to provide food parcels and other aid to Christians in need throughout Lebanon.

Christian families from Aysheye are thankful to Barnabas supporters for helping them with food to survive.

“Thanks to Barnabas fund that assists us with food parcels! We feel safe and can survive if that parcel of food Barnabas gives to us reaches us… May the Lord enable them to continue this ministry of giving to enable Christians survive in rural remote areas,” finished Keserwani in his message to us.

Can you help give our Christian brothers and sisters hope? Can you give a gift to help them survive an uncertain future?

How you can help





$35 could provide a food parcel for a Christian family, containing rice, pasta, sugar, bulgar, canned chicken, tomato paste, oil and ghee




($64; €58) could provide much-needed medication for a Christian who can’t access the healthcare they need (average cost of medication for a Christian in need of treatment)


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