Help Christian Earthquake Survivors in Nepal

November 10, 2023

Christians face food shortages and freezing temperatures without shelter after a 5.6 magnitude earthquake hits remote parts of Nepal – can you help?

 “All the clothes and food that they had were in their home which was demolished by the earthquake,” said Tanka, our project partner on the ground in western Nepal, following a 5.6 magnitude earthquake and several aftershocks on 3 November.

Thousands of families living in the remote and mountainous Jarjarkot region fled their houses close to midnight with only what they were wearing. Our partner has estimated that over 18,000 homes and over 20 churches have been reduced to rubble.

Hundreds of believers have been injured or lost their loved ones in the quake.

“Pastor Judha lost five family members,” Tanka told us about a colleague. “His daughter and 4 grandchildren lost their lives in the earthquake.”

Those who survived the disaster have been left without shelter and food. Some have managed to put up plastic sheets to make temporary huts, but many are exposed to the elements as the temperature drops.

A person and child sitting by a fire after the earthquake in Nepal

This mother and her child are fortunate to have a makeshift tent for meagre shelter. Many Christians don’t even have that in the aftermath of the earthquake

“The people are highly afraid. I can see in their faces the fear…”

While local authorities and the Nepalese government have mobilised resources to help those affected, they will not provide for Church reconstruction or repair.

Many of our Christian brothers and sisters are now facing a winter in desperate need of humanitarian assistance – food, warm clothes and proper tents are all needed in the short term.  There is already snow on the ground in places.

A group of people standing next to a pile of rubble from a ruined house after the recent earthquake in Nepal

Many houses have been damaged, while others have collapsed entirely, leaving families without shelter in a cold winter

 “We drove eight hours on motorbike to reach them. We were there the very next day. They were excited and happy, like their family were coming home from far away,” said Mahon, who is delivering the aid from Barnabas. “We are very much blessed to have Barnabas. We thank you. Thank you for coming forward very quickly. This is how we have seen God’s love – thank you for being there for us.”

Can you help our suffering family of believers in Nepal?

How you can help

Could you give a donation of money to help us provide food, wood-burning stoves, firewood and more? Some current prices are below. Please click on the amount to donate:


($10; €9) could provide a 12x15ft plastic tent for temporary shelter for a Christian family of 4-5


($12; €11) could provide a blanket for a Christian affected by the earthquake


($36; €33) could provide enough food for a Christian family for four weeks


could provide 5 sweaters or jackets to help keep a Christian family warm

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