Help Myanmar Christians Displaced by Violence

January 27, 2023

“My name is ‘Hla’ and I am 32 years old. I come from a Karen village … The Myanmar military came into our village and started shooting big guns … They burned down our entire village. Besides this, they also attacked us by air with war planes shooting and bombing our areas.”

“Hla” and the rest of the villagers fled from their ruined village into the jungle.

Boat with aid

This boat is loaded with aid for Hla and others from the village where they used to live until their homes were destroyed last year by the Myanmar military 

Surviving in the Myanmar jungle is hard, especially with no food or medicine. Snake bites are a constant danger, and if large groups stay together they become another target for air strikes by the Myanmar military. Some mountain areas of Myanmar can get cold, close to freezing, this time of year.

Eventually Hla and her companions managed to get to a camp for displaced people, where she feels safer. With the help of food provided by Barnabas supporters, she cares for her 3-year-old daughter and her 83-year-old grandmother.

Karen children

Karen Christian children are among those displaced from their homes by the ongoing violence

The attack on Hla’s village happened in 2022, but violence against the mainly Christian ethnic minorities of Myanmar has been ongoing for most of the last six decades. There are over 1.4 million people displaced within the country; some observers predict this number could double during 2023.

Lady with aid

Praise God that our partners have been able to supply desperately needed aid to displaced Christians. Can you help us to continue this urgent task?

Let’s help them

Praise God that our project partners are able to get food, blankets and tarpaulins to thousands of the neediest Christians.

We cannot save our project partners from the difficulties and dangers of delivering the aid, but we can help cover their costs.

Prices change all the time; below are figures for January 2023.

Please give what you can.

1 big box of white rice noodles $2.60
12 cans of fish $4.40
20kg rice $12.70
1 large, good quality tarpaulin $24.10
10 good quality blankets $51

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