Hungry Displaced Ethiopian Christians Need Your Help

February 3, 2023

We are so grateful for your partnership with Barnabas Aid to help suffering Christians. By God’s grace, your prayers and donations bring real change. Thank you. This week we bring to you a need in Ethiopia.

The terrible conflict in the Tigray region seemed impossible to solve, humanly speaking. But three months ago a peace deal was signed and currently the ceasefire is holding ‒ surely an answer to prayer!

International aid has begun to reach previously cut-off areas. But the need is greater than the aid that is coming in. Huge numbers of people are displaced. 

Your prayers and gifts are needed for displaced hungry Ethiopian Christians

“Dire need”

“The people in the camps are in dire need,” our project partners told us.

They asked Barnabas Aid to help them give wheat flour, cooking oil and soap to hundreds of displaced Christian families in a camp where “there is a critical shortage of basic food”.

Volunteers from a local Ethiopian church will provide lorries and organise the distribution. The aid will be given to the women of each family.

Will you be part of this joint effort? Your gift can help purchase the basic commodities. Your prayers can strengthen and encourage the recipients.

Distribution of flour to displaced Ethiopian Christian women. With this they can make injera, the traditional Ethiopian staple food

Hundreds of thousands starved to death

It is estimated that 600,000 civilians perished in the two years of the Tigray conflict, the majority of them dying of starvation. This makes Tigray by far the deadliest war of the 21st century so far.

Please help feed our Christian sisters and their families.

$12.50 could provide 12 kg of wheat flour

$20.80 could provide a family with wheat flour, cooking oil and soap to last a month

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