Ukraine: Give and Pray for Our Christian Brothers and Sisters

March 4, 2022

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes in Ukraine – mainly women, children and elderly. The UN warns that more than 4.5 million people could follow in the coming weeks. There are many thousands of our Christian brothers and sisters amongst them.

People have been standing in line for days in the freezing cold, as the majority flee to the twelve border crossings into Poland, while others opt for Romania, Hungary, Slovakia or Moldova. Everyone is cold, hungry and tired. Students from Africa, India and the Middle East, who had come to Ukraine for its quality university education, are also trying to get out. Scores of African students, including many Christians, have been met with abuse and blatant racism by Ukrainian border guards, who prioritize white people trying to escape. Some other non-white students have experienced the same.

But praise God for churches which look after those who do manage to cross the border. One church in Romania is caring for 300 Indian refugees in a sports center.

Churches are setting up bunk beds in Sunday school rooms and other spaces to accommodate the numbers of refugees

Churches are setting up bunk beds in Sunday school rooms and other spaces to accommodate the numbers of refugees.

Barnabas Aid Heavily Involved Already

We are very thankful to our supporters for their generous donations, enabling us already to send funds to churches in the neighboring countries as they care for Christian and other refugees. Thank you also for your continued prayers for Ukraine and the whole region. 

“We deeply express our gratitude and thanks for the BIG help and special generosity related to the Ukrainian refugees that came in our Refugee Center,” wrote a Baptist church leader in Moldova to Barnabas Aid about funds we have sent for shelter, warm meals and clothes. “May God Almighty richly bless and reward you according to His great love and generosity.”

Christians are providing for African and other non-white people who have faced discrimination when fleeing Ukraine.

For Your Prayers

With 800,000 people from Ukraine already arrived in the border regions of neighboring countries, food is running short locally. Night temperatures are well below freezing. The costs of heating fuel have been spiraling up.

Another Moldovan pastor appealed to Barnabas Aid on Thursday (March 3):

“Dear brothers and sisters … In this current situation I think we need more than finances to support some of the expenses here … we need food, we need clothing. Some of them are running [from their] homes without shoes, without clothing, what clothing [they had] was light clothing. If it is possible to bring some food here, also clothes and shoes, I think that will be very important for this ministry with the Ukrainian refugees. May God bless you and once again thank you for joining us in this common effort to help …”

Barnabas supporters in the United Kingdom are donating food items, blankets and winter clothes, to be transported by van or truck across Europe to the borders of Ukraine to supply the local churches caring for the refugees from Ukraine.  Please pray for the Lord’s blessing and guidance on this project.

If the Lord Leads You to Give…

Funds are still needed. If you would like to make a financial donation, please click here:

Believers in Moldova providing food for the refugees. Can you help support churches in neighboring countries desperate to help their Ukrainian neighbors?

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