Urgent Aid for Ukrainian Christians Fleeing Kakhovka Dam Flooding

June 8, 2023

Thousands of Christians need assistance after Kakhovka Dam incident – can you help?

When the Kakhovka Dam collapsed on Tuesday 6 June, surging waters hit hundreds of towns and villages in Kherson, Ukraine. Houses closest to the dam are completely submerged, destroying everything.

Hundreds of towns and villages in Kherson, Ukraine have been evacuated following the flooding after the Kakhovka Dam collapsed on Tuesday 6 June

Millions of Ukrainian Christians have endured immense suffering caused by the war. Countless numbers have already sought refuge in other countries or other regions of Ukraine. Now thousands more have been forced from their homes due to the catastrophic flooding.

Hundreds of thousands now have nothing but the clothes they were wearing to evacuate. And with the conflict creating shortages of food and medicine throughout Ukraine, those affected are vulnerable and in great need.

Our Christian brothers and sisters in Ukraine need food, clothing and shelter to survive. Even safe drinking water is in dangerously short supply in the wake of the flooding.

“Thank you for everything you do for helping people from Ukraine… thousands are helped by the funds you send…”

Barnabas Aid is continuing to provide hope and practical aid to Christians in Ukraine (and Ukrainian refugees in neighbouring countries). We praise the Lord that He has given us channels to send help to our Christian brothers and sisters.

Your support has enabled us to keep helping suffering Christians in Ukraine, providing food, medicine, clothes and other supplies to those who need it most

“Thank you for everything you do for helping people from Ukraine,” said our project partner on the ground. “Your support for is highly appreciated by thousands of people who are helped by the funds you send, mostly with food, medicine and basic clothes.”
Please pray for everyone affected by the flooding, especially the elderly and vulnerable. Please prayerfully consider if you can give a gift to help believers survive. Thank you for your prayers and support.

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