Barnabas Builds First 50 Homes for Christian Families Left Destitute by Pakistan Floods

February 9, 2023

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Fifty Christian families left homeless by the Pakistan floods have been given new homes in the first phase of a Barnabas-funded building project.

The new one-room shelters in Sindh province have brick pillars between the mud walls, and iron girders supporting the mud roof, which is lined with plastic sheeting. These measures make the buildings more resilient to future flooding than the old houses that were destroyed by the floodwaters.

This is an answer to prayer for Christian farmer Lalji who saw his home wrecked by floods in 2010 and 2011 as well as in 2022.

One of the new Barnabas-funded houses under construction, showing the brick-built pillars supporting the mud walls. Some of the iron girders that will support the mud roof are in place. 

Since the latest floods he has not been able to find work to support his wife Nama and their two sons Bhagchand, 5, and Kanji, 12. He thanked God for his new home, and for the gift of a Barnabas-funded package of food and practical aid.

“My whole family is happy and thanks Barnabas Aid for their wonderful effort which led us to a happier life,” exclaimed Lalji.

Our project partners said all 50 families were full of joy. They thanked God for His blessings provided through Barnabas at a time when they were in desperate need.

Work is due to begin shortly on the second phase of the building project.

Praise God for the work and dedication of our project partners who oversaw the construction of the 50 homes. Give thanks that God hears and answers the prayers of His people at times of need and for the generosity of Barnabas supporters whose gifts paid for these new homes. Pray that the second phase of the home building project will progress smoothly.

Project reference: 41-919 (Christian flood victims in Pakistan)

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