Barnabas Completes 11th New School Building for Impoverished Pakistani Christians

October 31, 2023

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Thanks to generous donations from our supporters, Barnabas Aid has completed construction of a new school building for Christian children from impoverished brick-kiln families in Punjab, Pakistan.

Construction began on the new building in Saeed Colony in June 2023, and the school has already welcomed its first students from the local Christian community.

The Saeed Colony school is the 11th built as part of this Barnabas project. The first five were completed in 2021 and the second five in early 2023.

Twelve-year-old Jennifer is one of the Christian children to benefit from the new Barnabas-funded school building. 

“I am very thankful to Barnabas Aid for establishing a new school building in our area,” said brick-kiln laborer Muneer Masih, whose children have started attending the new school. “There was no school nearby for poor Christian brick-kiln workers.”

Muneer has been a brick-kiln laborer since the age of 12, and never had the opportunity to attend school. He voluntarily helped with the construction by storing and transporting building materials, as well as providing water for the builders who worked on the school through the sweltering Pakistani summer.

“May God bless Barnabas Aid and their team more and more as they are doing very good deeds for our Christian community,” he added.

Twelve-year-old Jennifer is just one of the children to join the new school, which is just a few minutes’ walk from her home. Schools are often too far away for children to attend, and a long journey on foot is particularly risky for Christian girls.

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Jennifer’s father is another low-paid brick-kiln worker. Her mother is unable to work because she is both deaf and unable to speak.

Her parents are greatly appreciative that she and the other students also receive free schoolbooks, bags, and school supplies that they may otherwise be unable to afford. They encourage Jennifer in her studies and her hope to become a teacher so that she in turn can help other impoverished Christian children.

As well as academic education, the school also teaches children about their Christian faith. Jennifer regular memorizes Bible verses. Her favorite is Matthew 19:14: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”      

“In this institution, students receive both a free quality education and a free Biblical education,” said Aneeta, one of the Christian teachers employed at the new school. 

“We are delighted that these children who cannot attend school due to lack of funds for school tuition and other educational expenses can now continue their education at this institution,” she continued. “The impact of your generosity on the working poor in so many villages is indescribable. Thank you for this gift.”

Give thanks for the provision of this school for the impoverished Christians of Saeed Colony. Pray that this school, and other Barnabas-funded schools in Pakistan, will be used by the Lord to provide opportunities to Christian children and strengthen them in their faith. 

Project reference: 41-1236 (Schools for Children of Christian Brick-Kiln Laborers)

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