Barnabas Distributes Another Million EPap Servings to Hungry Christians in Zimbabwe

July 4, 2023

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Barnabas Aid’s latest rollout of nutrient-rich ePap in Zimbabwe has provided 11,700 hungry Christians with one nourishing serving a day for 90 days.

Our project delivered 53 tons of ePap (a maize-based porridge similar to oatmeal) for distribution through 131 churches – giving approximately 1,053,000 servings.

Two months of ePap is enough to cure diseases caused by a nutrient-deficient diet, meaning that the 11,700 believers had more than enough to substantially improve their health.

Christians in Matabeleland cheer the arrival of ePap from South Africa and prepare for its distribution to believers in need.

Since November 2020, Barnabas has sent just over 300 tons of ePap to nourish hungry Christians in Zimbabwe, providing more than 5.5 million ePap servings.

Around 60% of Zimbabwe’s population is estimated to be in “acute food insecurity” as a result of a series of crises including successive droughts, hyperinflation, Covid-19, and grain shortages caused by the conflict in Ukraine.

The latest phase of the rollout took place in Matabeleland, a desperately poor part of the Christian-majority country.

Pastors ensured that priority was given during distribution to vulnerable children, the sick, elderly, disabled, and pregnant or breast-feeding mothers.

Our project partner said the trucks carrying ePap were “greeted with relief and joy by church congregations.”

Christians thanked Barnabas supporters for their care, love, faith, and generosity, she added.

Give thanks for the safe arrival of our latest delivery of ePap, and for the work of pastors in ensuring the nutritious porridge reached Christians most in need. Pray that the Lord will send rain to bring an end to the long drought and alleviate food shortages. 

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