Barnabas USA Wins Award for Second Year Running for Work Helping Suffering Christians Around the World

June 30, 2020

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30 June 2020

Barnabas USA wins award for second year running for work helping suffering Christians around the world

Barnabas USA was named, on 15 June, winner of the 2020 Best of Lancaster Award in the Religious Organisation category for our work helping persecuted Christians around the world.

The Lancaster Award program recognises excellence in local organisations and businesses

Jeremy Frith, CEO of Barnabas Aid (Barnabas Fund USA), said he was thrilled to win the regional award for the second year running. He said, “I believe that this award reflects both the growth that has been achieved, by God’s grace, in a short time and the efforts we have made to increase awareness of our work, raising awareness of the many needs and challenges facing persecuted Christians all over the world.”

Barnabas Aid USA relocated from McLean, Virginia to Lancaster, Pennsylvania last year to be in a more suitable location for operations and to reduce overheads. Jeremy added, “We are encouraged by the progress already made since our move both nationally and locally, leading to our best year ever as a US non-profit.”

Barnabas Fund maintains very low overheads of just 12% globally, which covers the cost of education, raising awareness, prayer materials and advocacy, as well as general administrative and running costs. It means that 88p in every £1 that supporters donate goes directly to help persecuted Christians.

Jeremy added that, despite the unexpected challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Barnabas Aid’s work helping Christians around the world is expanding. “God willing, we will continue to make a difference for the suffering Church,” he added.

The Lancaster Award program recognises the best of local businesses and organisations in the Lancaster community. In August last year, Barnabas Aid received the Best of McLean Award for our work helping persecuted Christians.

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