Boko Haram Mark Anniversary of Mass Abduction of Girls With Cruel Raid

April 18, 2019

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Boko Haram extremists marked the fifth anniversary of their abduction of 276 mainly Christian schoolgirls in north-east Nigeria by leaving a neighbouring village a smoking ruin on 14 April.

The merciless Islamist raiders swept into Kwarangulum, a village just 10 miles away from Chibok, the town where the girls were snatched on 14 April 2014.

Boko Haram extremists attacked a village on the fifth anniversary of the kidnapping of 276 mainly Christian schoolgirls from the nearby town of Chibok

They fired weapons indiscriminately, set many homes on fire, and filled their four trucks with as much looted food as they could carry.

Fortunately, the villagers had already fled after receiving tip-offs that gunmen were heading in their direction.

The attack came just hours after local people had gathered at the school in Chibok to peacefully acknowledge the anniversary of the kidnapping of the girls.

Around 160 of the schoolgirls have subsequently escaped, been rescued or released. Girls have reported being whipped by their Islamist captors to force them into marriage, while a group of Christian girls experienced a mock execution for refusing to convert to Islam.

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