Clean Water Funded by Barnabas Restores Health of Cameroonian Refugees

November 21, 2023

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Four hundred Cameroonian Christian refugees at a camp in Chad have been provided with much-needed clean drinking water after Barnabas funded the drilling of two boreholes.

The bore wells were necessary because the refugees had been drinking water from the river and unsanitary wells, resulting in many suffering from diarrhea. With the construction of the bore wells the camp was able to produce clean water and the refugee families are no longer experiencing sickness.

The Christian refugees – mostly women and children – belonging to the Mousgoum people, were initially forced to flee their region within Cameroon after attacks by Boko Haram Islamists. Then they fled again, crossing into Chad, following a further attack by the neighboring Choa people, who are predominantly Muslim, because of a dispute over land. After three days, they arrived at a village in Chad to join 11,000 others staying in a refugee camp.

A young Cameroonian Christian refugee draws water from a Barnabas-funded bore well at a refugee camp in Chad

A young Christian refugee draws water from a Barnabas Aid funded bore well

A young Christian refugee draws water from a Barnabas-funded bore well

The water source previously used comprised a few wells that were about 32 feet deep which invariably dried up between March and June. So when the water was needed most, it was unavailable and the women had to risk walking a long distance from the camp just to draw water. The poor quality of the water within the wells contributed to the rise in sickness.

The new bore wells are located on land just outside the camp that belongs to the local church. The church also provided space for the refugees to worship under the shade of trees.

Severe flooding affected Chad and Cameroon between June and December 2022 and  interrupted work on the project. Our partners were able to complete the work successfully once the waters receded.

The Christian refugees thanked God for “this testimony of love” demonstrated in the drilling of the boreholes.

Give thanks for the completion of this project and the improving health of Christian refugees through the provision of these bore wells. Pray for the Lord’s protection of Christians fleeing terrorist threats in the region and that He will meet their physical and spiritual needs as they seek to rebuild their lives.

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