Editorial: Indian Authorities to Investigate Anti-Christian Persecution

September 13, 2022

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It is not always clear how the authorities will respond when Christians raise issues of persecution and discrimination.

We should therefore give thanks that the Supreme Court of India is taking these issues seriously by asking eight Indian states to submit further information about anti-Christian violence.

The court’s decision comes after a petition was filed by Indian Church leaders seeking a directive to end anti-Christian “hate speech” and attacks against Christian gathering for worship.

Marginalized Christians in India receive Barnabas-funded food aid.

The Supreme Court’s response is the latest positive sign that the Indian authorities are concerned to uphold the constitutional right to freedom of religion.

In March 2022 the Supreme Court rejected a petition by an extremist group for the creation of a committee to monitor Indian Christian missionaries and local evangelists.  

That decision came as the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi held meetings with representatives of the Christian community with the aim of discussing ongoing concerns about anti-Christian violence and misuse of anti-conversion laws.

In June the Delhi High Court ruled that religious conversion was not illegal, with judges’ statements showing that they were skeptical about extremists’ claims that Christians were forcing people to convert to Christianity.

Earlier this month the government of Sikh-majority Punjab directed police to carefully investigate an attack on a church building.

Believers in India certainly face difficult circumstances and many dangers. We must give thanks for these developments and continue to pray for our brothers and sisters.

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