European Parliament Highlights Seizures of Christian Properties in Turkey and “Increased Discrimination Against Christians”

February 15, 2018

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The European Parliament has adopted a resolution highlighting concerns over anti-Christian discrimination in Turkey and the seizure of Christian properties.

The resolution states that the European Parliament “is seriously concerned about the lack of respect for the freedom of religion [in Turkey], including the increased discrimination against Christians and other religious minorities; condemns the confiscation of 50 Aramean churches, monasteries and cemeteries in Mardin; calls on the Commission to urgently address these issues with the Turkish authorities.”

European Parliament building in Strasbourg

Since 2008, Turkish authorities have seized as many as 50 properties from the Syriac Orthodox Church, claiming that title deeds proving the historic Christian community’s land ownership had lapsed.

Protestant Christians in Turkey have also reported a rise in recent years in hate crimes and hate speech targeted at Christians.

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