Aid Reaches Around 2,000 Christian Families in Jordan

January 18, 2023

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Approximately 2,000 Christian families in Jordan have been reached with boxes filled with food aid from Barnabas Aid’s generous supporters.

In a recent distribution, boxes shipped in two 20-foot containers from our warehouse in Swindon, U.K., reached around 975 families, including Christian refugees from Yemen, Syria and Iraq as well as Jordanian believers.

“They were very thankful and send their prayers for the sending families and organization,” our project partner reports.

A young Iraqi Christian refugee receives a filled box for her family.

The boxes contain dry food items – rice, lentils, chickpeas, flour and salt. These basic items enable families to make nourishing meals.

Prior to this two 40-foot containers – one from Australia and the other from the U.S. – carried urgently needed food aid to hundreds of Christian families.

A second 40-foot container carrying dried soup mix is now heading from the U.S. to Jordan, with a third 20-foot container from the U.K. to follow. 

Our project partner in Jordan has also been able to make use of the flour supplied through by working with bakeries in areas populated by refugees. The bakeries have now provided good quality bread instead of the cheap, inferior bread refugees would otherwise have to rely on.

The aid program is ongoing as Jordan has been severely hit both by the ravages of the pandemic and the continuing economic crisis.

The aid was most gratefully received as refugees are not allowed to work and the majority of Christian refugees rely solely on aid from churches and NGOs. Many Jordanian Christians are also struggling to find employment.

Thank the Lord for the safe arrival and distribution of food to the different Christian communities in Jordan. Pray that they will be encouraged even more by further deliveries and that the faith of our brothers and sisters will be built up, especially those who have experienced the trauma of displacement.

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