Myanmar Church Minister Hospitalised After Shooting During Morning Worship

April 15, 2024

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Please pray for Myanmar church minister Paul Khwi Shane Aung, who was wounded after being shot while conducting a worship service in Mohnyin town in Kachin State on April 12.

Paul Khwi Shane Aung, 40, was officiating at an early-morning service when two masked gunmen entered the church at 6.30am and shot him three times, according to congregants present.

The minister was rushed to hospital in Mohnyin but later transferred to a hospital in the state capital Myitkyina.

Paul Khwi Shane Aung has been undergoing emergency treatment for the wounds suffered in the attack at his church [Image credit: AsiaNews]

The motive for the attack is unknown.

The incident follows less than a month after 47-year-old pastor Nammye Hkun Jaw Li was shot dead by gunmen on  March 18 at his computer shop in Mogaung township, also in Kachin State.

Pray for a swift and complete recovery for Paul Khwi Shane Aung. Ask the Lord to comfort his congregation amid the trauma of witnessing this attack on their shepherd. Pray that the perpetrators of such assaults against Christian leaders will come under Divine conviction and be brought to justice.

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