South Sudanese Refugees Thank God for Goats, Goats … and More Goats

June 10, 2019

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It’s the goat that keeps on giving at Camp Rhino. No kidding!

A simple but effective goat distribution project paid for by Barnabas Fund is helping South Sudanese Christians become self-sufficient at refugee Camp Rhino in neighbouring Uganda.

One female goat is given to a refugee who must then give away its firstborn kid to someone who is goatless, and so on. So, you have a kind of domino effect, except with goats.

Grateful South Sudanese Christian refugees in Uganda, each with their own goat, provided by Barnabas Fund
Grateful South Sudanese Christian refugees in Uganda, each with their own goat provided by Barnabas Fund

Demand for goat meat is high in Uganda and the unused land surrounding Camp Rhino is excellent for the animals to graze.

Self-sustainability programmes are crucial for these Christians at Camp Rhino who fled from violence and hunger in South Sudan. For many, returning home is too dangerous, so they must rebuild their lives at the camp.

A total of 800 female goats and 40 male goats have been distributed so far in 2019. The average female goat produces one to three kids twice a year.

The programme aims to provide long-term sustainability for 2,400 Christian families from 35 congregations in the vast refugee camp.

“May God bless Barnabas Fund,” said Pastor Scopas at the refugee camp. “Our children will have meat and milk. This will contribute to eliminating malnutrition among the children and breast-feeding mothers. It is amazing that many of our Christians that had lost all their animals in South Sudan have some animals to graze.”

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