Update on Aasia Bibi and Her Current Needs

November 7, 2018

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According to present information, Aasia Bibi is still in prison, as this is the only place where her safety can be guaranteed while she remains in Pakistan. Her husband and children are still in hiding, moving from place to place, and can no longer be contacted, even by Barnabas Fund’s representative who has been in touch with them for many years.

The decision by the Supreme Court to acquit Aasia Bibi of the “blasphemy” charges is subject to a legal challenge by two Pakistani Muslims, who are seeking to overturn the verdict. Although Supreme Court decisions cannot normally be appealed, it has been indicated that this challenge will be heard, probably in the next few days.

Aasia Bibi is still in prison and her family are in hiding

Aasia Bibi and her family need to leave Pakistan in order to have any hope of avoiding being murdered by religious extremists, but this can only be arranged at a government level. No charity or campaigning organisation can arrange this. We understand that her husband has requested that the British government allow the family into the UK. The Italian government is indicating that they will be relocated to Italy.

At present there is therefore no reason for any organisation to request donations to help Aasia Bibi and her family leave the country.

But please pray that God will guard and protect them, and enable them to settle in a country where they can live together and receive effective protection, as religious extremists may well seek them out to kill them.

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