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“By your endurance you will gain your souls” Luke 21:19

These words bring huge comfort and hope to our poor and persecuted brothers and sisters whose suffering has increased immeasurably because of the conflict, famine and disease that are escalating around the world. Because of their faith, many Christians are marginalized, discriminated against, attacked or even killed.

Suffering Church Action and Awareness Week is an opportunity for us to stand alongside our suffering Church family, to make known their situation and demonstrate Christ’s love to them in prayer and practical action.

Devotional videos

We have produced daily devotional videos to help you each day of Suffering Church Action & Awareness Week to focus on understanding the times and the suffering of our Church family.

Watch devotional videos

Get involved

There are many ways to show your love to persecuted Christians around the world during Suffering Church Action and Awareness Week


Use our devotional booklet and bookmark to help you pray on your own or in a group


Use our Bible study or sermon outline to learn share about the plight of believers


Support the needs of suffering Christians with financial or practical gifts

Download our resources

If you’d like resources please let us know how you are getting involved and we will send you a download link.

Alternatively, you can download the resources here.

Download the Suffering Church Action & Awareness Week song here.

War, Disaster, Famine,
Disease, Persecution.

The suffering Church around the world

An overview of the increasing suffering endured by Christians.

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