Birthday Gifts

Did you know you can create a fundraiser for Barnabas Aid on Facebook? Facebook fundraisers enables you to invite and encourage your friends and family on Facebook to donate to your favourite charity, perhaps instead of buying you material birthday gifts.

Facebook does not charge any fees for donations to charities meaning 100% of your birthday donations will be sent to Barnabas Aid. Donations can be made by anyone who has a Facebook account and is even eligible for Gift Aid.

Your generous contribution will be paid directly from Facebook to Barnabas Aid where the money will be spent on one of our many projects supporting persecuted Christians across the world.

Facebook will notify you via your news feed two weeks before your birthday prompting you to raise money for a cause of your choice. In case you miss the prompt or you want to fundraise for an occasion other than your birthday we have prepared the following instructions below.

Step One:

Go to the Barnabas Aid Fundraisers Facebook Page:

Step Two:

Click on Create Fundraiser. Then click Get Started.

Step Three:

Fill in the information. Be sure to set a reasonable financial goal and timeframe. You can always raise more than your target amount.

Step Four:

Fill in the title of your fundraiser and type a brief but personal description as to why you are raising money for Barnabas Aid.

For example you could write: For my birthday this year, I am asking for donations to Barnabas Aid. I have chosen Barnabas Aid because of their work in helping Christians where they suffer discrimination, oppression and persecution as a consequence of their faith. I hope that you will consider contributing as a way of celebrating my birthday with me and supporting persecuted Christians worldwide.

Step Five:

Next, pick a cover photo from the photos provided then click Create.

Step Six:

Follow the on screen instructions and invite friends and family to donate. Friends and family can make a quick and easy donation in three clicks without having to leave Facebook or sign up for another website.

Step Seven:

Finally share the fundraiser on your timeline and tell your friends and family why you have donated to Barnabas Aid.