Urgent Food Aid Needed for Starving Christians in Tigray, Ethiopia

19 January 2024

With millions of Christians facing death by starvation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, can you send a gift to help before it’s too late?

“People have accepted daily mourning and funerals, and they have understood that they are destined to die.” These are the words of a medical doctor desperately trying to save lives in Tigray, northern Ethiopia.

Christian children in Tigray, Ethiopia are at risk of severe malnutrition, which impacts their ability to fight off disease. Can you send a gift to help us send food?

Tigray. A region still reeling from two years of conflict, where hundreds of thousands died due to war-related hunger. The last five rainy seasons have failed, leading to severe food shortages. It is estimated that over 5 million people require immediate food assistance.

Already hundreds have died, especially children.

image of child's back

Children are already dying of hunger in Tigray. As famine looms, will you help us save the lives of Tigrayan Christians?

Barnabas stands ready to help

The people of Tigray are solidly Christian.

With God’s help, and yours, Barnabas has a way to get food aid to starving Christians.

Will you stand with us and help Christians in Tigray at this crucial time? Anything you give can save the lives of our brothers and sisters.

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