Aid for Nigerian Christians after another 100 are slaughtered

2 June 2023

‘’It was a miracle to find her strapped to her dead mother, lying on the ground hours after the attacks.”

Eight-month-old Precious was one of the survivors of coordinated terrorist attacks that killed more than 100 Nigerian Christians in Plateau State on 16 May. But her mother and the rest of her family had been killed by gunfire. Two bullets had wounded baby Precious herself yet she was still alive.

Precious survived two bullets at just eight months old. She was discovered still tied to her mother’s back, who sadly was killed in the attack

Approximately 1,000 extremist militia simultaneously burned the houses in several villages of Mangu County.

It’s estimated that 20,000 people have fled in search of safety.

Thousands more Christians were displaced by the attacks on 16 May, adding to the vast numbers already displaced by earlier attacks in northern and Middle Belt Nigeria. They have lost everything

You can help Nigerian Christians endure

This is just the latest in a stream of anti-Christian violence in Nigeria, which has killed at least 11,000 of our brothers and sisters since 2015. Moderate Muslims are also attacked, as well as the security forces.

Even since 16 May, more villages have been attacked. A senior Christian leader in Plateau State told Barnabas that aid was in short supply with so many looking for safety.

Victims of a 2021 attack in Nigeria's Middle Belt. At least 11,000 Nigerian Christians have been killed in Islamist violence since 2015

Please pray for all the innocent victims of these attacks, especially for those who suffer because they believe in Jesus Christ. Barnabas is helping to provide beans and maize, blankets, sleeping mats and mosquito nets, where we can, as well as building materials to help those affected rebuild in safer areas.

If you’re able to give a gift to help, thank you.

How you can help

Prices in Nigeria are constantly changing, but please give what you can.

£7.80 ($10; €9) could provide a bag of cement to help efforts to rebuild homes in safer areas

£38 ($48; €44) could provide a sack of maize

£78 ($95; €90) could provide a sack of beans

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