Aid for Sudanese Christian refugees

19 May 2023

“They need food, water and shelter,” said the email from a church leader in South Sudan, pleading for aid for the refugees pouring in from Sudan. “Some are staying in the open ground… They’re in critical conditions…” wrote another.

Since hostilities broke out in Khartoum on 15 April, the country of Sudan has been a warzone. It’s thought that over a thousand people have been killed, most of them civilians. More than a million have fled the violence, nearly 200,000 of them crossing into neighbouring countries.

Can you help Sudanese Christian refugees who have fled the war with nothing? Anything you give can help provide food, water and shelter [Image credit: Pierre Kremer]

Christians are a small and persecuted minority in Sudan. Many of them lived in Khartoum and have joined the mass exodus. Some have gone north to Egypt, others have gone south to South Sudan.

Local churches and Christian ministries in Egypt and South Sudan, themselves poor, are struggling to care for the massive influx of penniless people with no possessions. They are asking Barnabas Aid to help.

If the Lord leads, please give a donation for our Christian brothers and sisters from Sudan who are in desperate need.

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