Free Christian brick-kiln families in Pakistan

28 April 2023

“My life has changed because of Barnabas Aid.” – Your generous support has helped free faithful Christians in Pakistan.

“I was very upset and discouraged from life,” said Khalid. “But after the help from Barnabas Aid, I see hope again…”

Khalid couldn’t pay for his wife’s medical bills. In desperation, he turned to the owner of the brick kiln where he worked to borrow money. Like thousands of other Pakistani Christian brick-kiln workers in times of accident, illness or other emergencies, this seemed to be his only option.

But these debts keep the families bonded to their brick kiln, unable to leave and get another job, with money deducted from their wages to pay the interest. It is virtually impossible, out of their poverty, to pay off the debts. Despised, despairing and trapped, the bonded brick-kiln workers feel like slaves.

Thanks to your support, Barnabas Aid has given funds to pay off Khalid’s debt and set him free.

“I can now take care of my family much better than before. My wife is also happy and now she is recovering fast.” Khalid can now send his children to school and even save a little money for emergencies.

“My life has changed because of Barnabas Aid.”

“…after the help from Barnabas Aid, I see hope again…” Khalid and his family are grateful to Barnabas Aid’s supporters

“They are God’s angels who take away problems of His people.”

Kamran is a Christian, as well as a son and husband. He was bonded to his brick-kiln by a double debt. One was a loan he had taken to support his wife and himself, and the other was inherited from his late father.

Barnabas Aid stepped in to pay these debts and set him free.

“Barnabas Aid is very kind and helpful. They are God’s angels who take away problems of His people.” Kamran can now afford nourishing food for himself and his wife.

“Thank you Barnabas Aid. I pray that God give you more strength so you can help others like me.”

Faithful Christians like Kamran and his wife are trapped by debts, taken on in times of emergency, which they can never repay. Can you help free hard-working Christians in Pakistan?

Join us in praying and helping phase 19 of our brick-kiln project

Barnabas has freed 1,575 Christian families since September 2017. Thanks to your donations, we have recently completed phase 18 of our project, in which 100 families were freed.

But thousands more are still toiling in Pakistan’s brick kilns. In phase 19, with God’s help and yours, we plan to free another 200 Christian families, whose debts range from approximately £260 ($320, €290) to £1,400 ($1,740, €1,580).

Please prayerfully consider giving any amount you can to help set them free. We can provide a photo of the family your gift has helped, with their names and ages, if requested.

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