Give hope and rice to hungry Christians in South-East Asia

11 August 2023

"Thank God for this rice every month to help me live,” said “Halia” earlier this year, who now receives a regular supply of free rice from the Barnabas-funded rice milling machine in South-East Asia.
Halia – described as “one of the poorest believers we have ever seen in over 10 years working here” – has food to eat, and now – thanks to your support – a regular income selling her baskets for use in the distribution of rice to more Christians in need.

“Halia” – described by our project partner as “one of the poorest believers we have ever seen in over 10 years working here” – now has a regular income making and selling baskets for use in the distribution of rice from the milling machine 

The Barnabas-funded rice milling project has served thousands of Christians in Halia’s region of South-East Asia, buying rice to mill from poor Christian farmers for a reasonable price.

Free rice is distributed to Christians who cannot afford to pay anything. Discounted rice is sold to pastors and other full-time Christian workers.

The leftovers from the milling – rice husks and bran – are used by Christian farmers to help feed pigs and chickens. The pig manure is then used to fertilise their vegetable crops and the chicken manure is used in mushroom farms and fish farms.

With your gifts, machinery can be purchased to refine the rice bran to also be used to fertilise mushroom crops. This finer, protein-rich bran can also be used for feed, or even sold to raise money to help more Christians. 

This project helps Christians in many ways. Each donation starts a ripple effect to help Christians in need. And with your support, we can continue to support even more believers.

So far, more than 13,000 Christians have been sustained with rice already – you can read more here. But food insecurity in this country is increasing as inflation drives prices higher and supplies grow shorter. 

Can you help us to continue feeding Christians in South-East Asia?

How you can help

($11.30; €10.30) could buy 20kg of unmilled rice from Christian farmers

£45 ($57; €51) could buy 100kg of unmilled rice from Christian farmers

Forty gifts of £170 ($216; €196) could provide an additional machine that could refine rice bran to be used as fertiliser for growing mushrooms or be used as feed for animals

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