Help send God’s Word to persecuted Christians in Myanmar

7 July 2023

Displaced Christians in Myanmar need Bibles to strengthen their faith as they endure vicious persecution

“After 68 years of praying, God has answered my prayers today. I received a free Bible. This is the happiest and most joyous day in my life,” said 83-year-old “Meng”.

Like many Christians in Myanmar, Meng has suffered for decades. He has fled eight times to different villages, escaping from the Tatmadaw (Myanmar military) who regularly burn and bomb the Christian ethnic-minority groups. Christians need God’s Word to sustain them through this cruel persecution.

Meng accepted Christ when he was 12 and eagerly copied out Scripture texts from his uncle’s very old Bible. He memorised as much as he could and a year later was thrilled to be given the remains of a battered Bible from which many pages had been lost. “I was so happy because I had at least some of the words of God,” recalls Meng.

Meng was in his teens when he first had to flee from violence. His Bible was burned. He lived in the jungle, often on the move, but kept praying for his own Bible.

“For most of our people in the remote villages, it is impossible for them to ever acquire a Bible,” says Meng. As subsistence farmers, they grow their own food and do not have any money even if Bibles are for sale in the cities.

“Meng” prayed for 68 years for his own Bible. His prayers were answered when Barnabas funded the delivery of Bibles in his native language to IDP camps and remote villages

“I was so happy… I walked 97 miles”

“When I heard the good news that Bibles would be given away for free, I was so happy,” said Meng. But there was no road from his village to the town. The track that motorbikes could use was impassable because it was the rainy season… So Meng walked the 97 miles to receive a Bible, the answer to his faithful prayers.

“There are many more villagers who still need Bibles"

“When your words came, and I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight; For I bear your name, O Lord God Almighty.”

(Jeremiah 15:16)

Through our project partners on the ground, Barnabas is funding the transportation and distribution costs to have 200,000 Bibles reach Christians in Myanmar. This is difficult work. Some areas are only accessible by boat, or by walking through the dangerous jungle. And there is always the constant threat of attack from the Tatmadaw. 

Christians in Myanmar are forced to remain “on the run, mercilessly hunted down by the Tatmadaw (Myanmar military) and often unable to rescue more than their own children and the clothes they wear,“ said our project partner

“Our people can only get happiness, joy, and peace in their lives by the Word of God. Thank you so much for your special ministry of giving away Bibles for free,” says Meng. “There are many more villagers who still need Bibles. Please remember them in your prayers.”

Can you help other persecuted brothers and sisters experience like Meng the happiness and joy of having their own Bible? If you can give a gift, thank you.

How you can help

£5 ($6.50; €6) could pay the transport costs for a box of 20 Bibles

£50 ($65; €60) could pay the transport costs for 200 Bibles

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