Mending lives of Christian victims of violence

25 August 2023

“He struck me with the machete. I raised my hand and blocked the machete, but I passed out... Somehow I am still alive,” said Veronica after a vicious attack from extremist militia in Nigeria. She lost part of her hand in that attack, but much worse, she also lost her 3-year-old child who she was trying to protect.

Veronica lost two children and her father-in-law in an extremist attack in Nigeria many years ago. Though her hand may be healing, she will only see those she lost again in heaven

Veronica and countless Christians throughout Africa have endured anti-Christian violence for decades.

Our brothers and sisters all around the world endure much persecution and pressure due to their beliefs. But in some places lives are upended, communities shattered and hope is tested beyond measure.

Can you provide hope and practical aid to Christian victims of violence?

“I have no hope in my life anymore. My family is scattered in different places in order to save their lives. Where is justice?” Nisar Masih was a victim of the horrendous anti-Christian riots that took place in Jaranwala, Pakistan last week.

The Christian minority in Jaranwala has been left shaken. Their community shows the battle scars of these harrowing events – charred walls, burned motorbikes and furniture, and churches left in ruins.

Residents no longer feel safe in what remains of their homes.

The story is the same for Christians in Myanmar. Villages are burned by the Tatmadaw (Myanmar military), and those who don’t run are killed.

“It was a four day walk. We were so afraid that the [military] would see us and attack us from the air,” said “Khin” speaking to our project partners. She lost her husband in an assault on her village, and has had to flee again due to the IDP camp where they sought refuge being bombed by the military in efforts to exterminate Christians. She is now at another IDP camp with 5,000 other Karen Christians.

And still they give thanks to the Lord for taking care of them, and our supporters who are praying and sending help through Barnabas.

“Khin” and her children have fled multiple times from unjust military attacks on Christians in Myanmar

Can you help provide hope and practical aid for Christians being engulfed by the rising tide of violence? Anything you give can help, but above all else, please pray.

How you can help

£13 ($16.50; €15.20) could provide a hygiene kit containing soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, detergent, buckets and sanitary pads for a Pakistani Christian family after the recent riots in Jaranwala

£27 ($33; €30) could provide rice for a displaced Christian family in Myanmar for three months

£78 ($95; €90) could provide a sack of beans for Nigerian Christian victims of violence