Nigerian Christian survivors of Christmas Eve massacre need your help

5 January 2024

Around 295 Christians lost their lives on Christmas Eve, killed in a well-coordinated wave of attacks on 25 isolated Christian villages in Plateau State, Nigeria. Most of the dead were women, children, the sick and elderly – those who could not run away in time. Some were shot or slashed with machetes. Many were burnt alive.

Nanchin and two of her daughters recover in hospital from machete wounds inflicted on Christmas Eve by militants who attacked their village. Her third daughter, more seriously injured, is in another hospital. Nanchin’s husband narrowly survived unhurt but the family lost everything they owned

More than 1,500 homes were set on fire, eight church buildings destroyed, and hundreds of people injured. An estimated 30,000 people were displaced, many of them now sleeping in church halls and church compounds.

Barnabas Aid stands ready to help the survivors. Will you share with us in this task?

A Christian woman, widowed in a terrorist attack ten years ago, suffered bullet wounds in the Christmas Eve 2023 massacre during which a number of her family were killed. Please pray for God’s comfort for our grieving sister and many others like her. If you can give a donation we will use it to help with practical needs

Your gifts will provide basic needs for those have lost their homes, food, livestock and crops. There are also medical costs for the many hundreds who have been injured.

Please join us in the privilege of helping our faithful persecuted brothers and sisters.

£6 ($7; €6.50) could provide 20 bars of soap

£14 £14 ($17; €15) could provide 2 sleeping mats and 2 blankets

£24 ($29; €26) could provide 40kg of maize to feed an average household of 12 people for 10 weeks

£38 ($46; €42) could provide 40kg of beans to feed an average household of 12 people for 10 weeks

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