Winter relief to suffering Christians amidst violence and war

2 February 2024

Amidst anti-Christian violence, persecution and war, Christians need help to survive the elements too – can you give a gift to help?

“All the praises to our loving God who sent Barnabas Aid with desperately required winter supplies and food items,” exclaimed Martha after receiving supplies of warm quilts, rice, pulses, flour, spices, soap, detergent and more.

She and her family were amongst the hundreds of Pakistani Christians made homeless by mob violence in Jaranwala last August. Houses were burnt, churches ransacked. Bibles destroyed, possessions looted. Christian families fled in terror.

Martha’s family have only just got a proper house to live in again. But their house was almost bare, and the family were praying earnestly for a miracle. Then the aid from Barnabas arrived.

Another recipient, Shazia, exclaimed “we have found amazing grace with new hope to start life with renewed zeal and passion for Lord Jesus Christ by living and testifying among our enemies with renewed spiritual resilience.”

Thanks to you, Martha and Shazia’s families, and many more Christians, can survive and remain a witness in their community and beyond. Please help us to keep helping them.

Barnabas Aid is helping Christian families survive winter worldwide

Pakistan is only one of the countries where Barnabas is stepping in to help suffering Christians in the cold winter months.

In Kyrgyzstan, Christians are facing temperatures as low as -30⁰C. With your help, Barnabas can provide coal to help keep their homes warm in the freezing winter.

Lebanon’s economy is still in free fall. Poverty is engulfing more and more people – not only Lebanese Christians but also many Christian refugees who came to the country fleeing war in Syria. They have no jobs, and no way to warm their homes, which are often shared with many others.

And in Ukraine, the war rages on. Many towns are cut off from power. With no gas or electricity in many areas, Christians are in desperate need of heating and a means of cooking.

Vulnerable and elderly Christians in Ukraine have been living without utilities due to the ongoing war. Thanks to Barnabas supporters, many are receiving a wood-burning stove and firewood to help keep them warm and to be able to cook food again

Will you help us share the warmth of Christ with our family around the world, and give a practical gift to help them survive?

How you can help


£16 ($20; €18) could provide a quilt to provide warmth to a displaced Christian family in Pakistan


£28 ($33; €30) could provide enough firewood for a Christian family in Ukraine for one week


Three gifts of £50 ($60; €55) could provide and install a wood-burning stove for a Christian family in Ukraine to stay warm and cook their food


£125 ($150; €137) could help provide heating oil for a Christian family in Lebanon this winter


£140 ($170; €155) could provide enough coal for a Christian family in Kyrgyzstan to keep them warm through the winter