ePap delivered to 11,800 hungry Christians in Zimbabwe

9 January 2024

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More than 11,800 Christians living in Zimbabwe’s hunger-afflicted Matabeleland region received one daily helping for 60 days in Barnabas’s latest rollout of the nutritious porridge ePap. Our food.gives project delivered 33,000 kg of ePap through 131 churches, providing 708,840 servings in total.

The beneficiaries included more than 2,000 children aged 6 or younger, for whom the effects of malnutrition are stark. Nutritional deficiencies most commonly include nutritional anemia, which shows as pallor, and discoloured or sparse hair. It is now common to see children with “spotty” hair growth and patchy skin in Zimbabwe. Ringworm also affects many undernourished children.

ePap, with its vitamins and minerals, has made a huge impact in arresting and reversing the scourge of malnutrition. “Care givers are commenting widely how ePap combats the physical manifestations of under-nutrition and malnutrition,” our partners reported.

Disabled children are showing a marked improvement in their health, weight and response to physical therapy after receiving ePap. “It has been a great positive with some children gaining [developmental] milestones after years of therapy without any success,” our partners enthused.

A disabled Christian girl receives bags of nourishing ePap

The transformation in the very young has been significant. One baby girl was struggling, developing very slowly. Just a few weeks after starting ePap, however, her strength improved with the clinic physiotherapist expressing confidence she will learn to sit and crawl. “The mother is grateful for the gift and has so much more hope for her child’s future,” our partners said.

At the other end of the age spectrum, ePap has been essential in easing the burden of the elderly.

Cooking is difficult for those who are weak because of malnutrition, but ePap is instant and easy to prepare. One grandmother was struggling to find the energy to prepare food. Since receiving ePap she is more active and better able to care for herself.

Praise the Lord for the successful delivery of ePap in Zimbabwe and give thanks for the vital changes in the lives of Christians, especially the very young, disabled and elderly. Pray for lasting health benefits for the community as the programme continues to be rolled out. 

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