Kenyan church attacked by Muslim youths after arrest of cleric

24 January 2018

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A church in Marsabit, northern Kenya, was attacked by Muslim youths on Saturday 13 January after police arrested a local cleric who is accused of recruiting young people to join the Somali-based terror group Al Shabaab.

Muslim youths, believed to be the cleric’s students, attacked the premises of a bank and then targeted a church, smashing windows and destroying furniture. The church guard was also assaulted.

Police posted armed officers outside churches in Marsabit on Sunday, while many businesses and shops remained closed.

Following the church attack, police posted armed officers outside churches in Marsabit on Sunday

Historically, Kenyan Muslims, who make up 10 per cent of the population and live mostly in the north-east of the country, have lived peaceably with the Christian majority.

However, multiple terror attacks mounted by the Islamist group Al Shabaab in recent years have increased tensions.

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