New details emerge of terrors faced by Christians in Chinese re-education camps

15 May 2018

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Prisoners detained in Chinese government “re-education” camps are being forcibly given mind-altering medication, leaving them suffering with memory loss and damage to their reproductive health.

Newly acquired evidence of the treatment of prisoners in the network of camps in the north-west Chinese province of Xinjiang has revealed that detainees, more than 100 of whom are thought to be Christians, are being injected with unknown substances which are affecting their mental and physical health.

Some Christians who have been arrested and sent to what are officially referred to as “political training centres” have been imprisoned for periods of more than six months. Those detained have reported being held in rooms so crowded that they were only able to lie on their side to sleep. Detainees are forced to watch government propaganda videos and to recite slogans such as “Religion is harmful.”

The north-west province of Xinjiang is home to multiple ethnic groups and a network of "political training centres" run by Chinese Communist authorities

The majority of the detainees are ethnic Uighur Muslims. Chinese authorities have brutally put down Uighur separatist uprisings in the region, using “re-education” camps as a means of countering “extremism”.

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