Soldier of Faith

An original song by Barnabas Aid

“Soldier of Faith” is a heartfelt anthem that contrasts the freedoms enjoyed by Christians in the West with the severe persecution faced by believers in other parts of the world. Rooted in personal experience and scriptural inspiration from 2 Timothy 2, this song calls for solidarity, awareness and action among all Christians.

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What is the message of “Soldier of Faith”?

“Soldier of Faith” serves as a poignant call to awareness, urging listeners to acknowledge their fellow believers' struggles and to actively support and empathise with them.

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Why was “Soldier of Faith” created?

"Soldier of Faith" was created as a response to personal reflections while serving Christians who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus. The song aims to shed light on the challenges faced by Christians around the world, inspiring listeners to take action and support those enduring persecution.

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Who was involved in creating “Soldier of Faith”?

The song was a collaborative effort between Barnabas Aid team members and music industry professionals.

Song lyrics by Kris Bealing
Music composed by Harrison Kay
Produced by Joshua Luke Smith and Katherine “Litening” Deal
Performed by Dani Miche and Rich Dicas
Music video: Barnabas Aid Media Team

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How can you help suffering and persecuted Christians through Barnabas Aid?

As "Soldier of Faith" powerfully reminds us, we are called to stand united with the global body of Christ, sharing our blessings and extending our hands in love and solidarity. Please get involved by praying, using our prayer resources or donating to one of many projects that support our suffering brothers and sisters.

Investing in the ministry of Barnabas Aid is an impactful way for Christians to live out their faith by supporting persecuted believers around the world. Barnabas Aid provides hope and aid to those who face discrimination, violence and hardship simply because they follow Jesus Christ. By contributing to this ministry, you are directly helping to supply food, water, medical care, shelter and spiritual resources to our suffering brothers and sisters. Your support enables us to continue our vital work.

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